$10,000 Cash Safecracker Giveaway

Fridays, August 5 & 19 | 6pm-10:30pm

Lucky North® Club members earn 500 points to swipe at any promotion kiosk for your ticket and take a crack at the safe to win $10,000 CASH!

Whoever picks the correct 3-digit code and opens the safe wins $10,000 in CASH. The Safecracker giveaway continues until someone cracks the safe. If the safe isn’t cracked by 10:30pm all non-opening tickets will be in a drawing for five winners of $2,000 cash each.

An announcement will be made if someone opens the safe and wins the $10,000. Earn points day of promotion 5pm to 10:30pm. MAX 2 chances. Must be present to win. Racing points not eligible for this promotion.