Plated steak & lobster | Dining at Southland Casino Racing

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Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or an elegant evening, Surprise Yourself at Southland Casino Racing!

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Dining options currently include the Sports BarCafe 56Bourbon Street Steakhouse & Grill and the Shine Bar.

Nachos with cheese & jalapenos | Trackside Dining Options at Southland Casino Racing
Trackside Dining
Q&E 2 is open on the Racing Floor during live greyhound racing, so you can grab a snack and get back to the track! Concession items like hot dogs, popcorn and other snacks are available, as well as soda, water, coffee and beer.
Woman bartender smiling and pouring cocktails
Shine Bar
Where Nightlife Shines!

Besides our impressive craft beer list, Shine also features signature house-made moonshine cocktails like the Shiner, the Gitt’r Done, and the Moon Me Rita.

Shine On!