Game Changer | Give Today. Change Tomorrow

Committed To The Community

Give today. Change tomorrow.

Ready to make a real impact? The team at Southland is asking you to consider donating to Families In Transition. The mission of Families in Transition is to empower individuals to break the cycle of domestic violence by providing safety, shelter, support services, public education, social and legal advocacy.

You can be a Game Changer for our community today. It’s as easy as dropping off and gifting change or the change left on your slot and racing vouchers. When we all contribute, it adds up quickly.

Our network of Lucky North® Club properties is also conducting corresponding drives in other U.S. cities. Change starts here, with your generous donation. Thank you for your generosity.

Game Changer Giving
$ 15,241
To Date In 2021

Southland In The Community

As one of the largest employers in West Memphis, Southland Casino Racing is committed to further supporting the tri-state area through volunteer efforts, donations, and continued investments.

When it comes to giving back to the community, Southland Casino Racing is ALL IN.

Southland Casino Racing's Community Engagement Office is designed to identify and invest in areas within Eastern Arkansas, Memphis and the Mid-South. Our goal is to empower our neighbors to care for their health, futures, and connect with each other, through Southland's philanthropic channels.

We embody three focus areas:

ACHIEVE: Helping neighbors achieve greater educational & career success.

CONNECT: Helping neighbors come together to strengthen community.

THRIVE: Helping neighbors make healthy choices