Complimentary meals and Free Play are just the beginning of the Lucky North® Club experience. Your journey could bring you to exclusive events, members-only bonuses, and even to visit some of the nation’s treasures.

You’ll earn points immediately* every time you play. As you earn points, you attain new Tier Status and your benefits increase. It’s free to join, and every spin, flip, roll or wager brings you closer to epic moments and unique experiences. Play with your Lucky North® Club, and watch the possibilities unfold.

*Racing points become available on the next gaming day.

RUBY • 0 – 2,999 points

EMERALD • 3,000–19,999 points

SAPPHIRE • 20,000–79,999 points

DIAMOND • 80,000–199,999 points

BLACK DIAMOND • 200,000+ points

The Lucky North® Club rewards program reaches far beyond points. Every time you play with your Lucky North® Club Card at Southland Casino Racing, you’re closer to the extraordinary. Unexpected adventures, VIP access, exclusive offers and more…all from one card.