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Greyhound Adoption

Dog lover? Adopt a greyhound through Mid-South Greyhound Adoption Option (MSGAO), Southland's nonprofit partner.

MSGAO has successfully placed retired racing greyhounds in loving homes since its establishment in 1991. Most racing greyhounds are born on a farm and trained to race from an early age. Greyhounds start racing at around 16 months, and usually retire from ages 4 to 5. When you adopt a greyhound, you adopt a loyal and loving friend that can be a part of your family for many years.

Southland helped establish MSGAO in 1991, partially funding the nonprofit group in West Memphis and setting up offices on the grounds of the property. As a dog-friendly adoption agency, MSGAO does not euthanize any of the retired greyhounds, and thanks to the support of Southland and The Arkansas Greyhound Kennel Association, MSGAO has been able to spread awareness and increase adoptions over the past few decades.

What makes retired greyhounds such good companions? MSGAO volunteer Rachel Hogue explains:

"They know how to take retirement seriously. They are bigger couch potatoes than you are.  They’re the fastest dogs on the block but don’t brag about it. Greyhounds are very clean, healthy, and don’t need much exercise. You know what you’re getting when you adopt an adult dog; they require much less work than a puppy."

MSGAO continues to be a valuable asset to the West Memphis community. It currently places an average of 130 retired greyhounds per year in new homes and can provide temporary homes for 30 dogs awaiting adoption at any given time. MSGAO employs a director, three kennel staff members and has a board of directors. The organization also relies on an invaluable volunteer base from West Memphis and surrounding communities.

If you would like to adopt a greyhound or volunteer your time with this great organization, call (870) 735-7317 or visit

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